When a drug of interest, being it on the market or in clinical development, appears to have a risk of causing liver injury, MetaHeps can develop a biomarker to quickly identify the risk in patients. Time and conclusive data are important in case of a DILI. Furthermore, if a drug which bears a DILI risk and is a very valuable therapeutic, it is an ethical consideration to have a companion diagnostic. Thereby the patient can be quickly tested whether he/she is prone to develop a liver injury upon treatment. In that case, the physician needs to find an alternative treatment. If the test is negative, the treatment can safely commence. MetaHeps already successfully developed a biomarker with the example of diclofenac.

Further reading

  • Further reading: Dragoi D, Benesic A, Pichler G, Kulak NA, Bartsch HS, Gerbes AL. Proteomics analysis of monocyte-derived hepatocyte-like cells identifies Integrin Beta 3 as a specific Biomarker for drug-induced liver injury by Diclofenac. Frontiers in Pharmacology 2018